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Whether you have a 2 lot split or a 300 lot block outline, we have the experience and ability to get it done on time and on budget.

Strata Complex


From a simple duplex to multi-phase townhome and condominium projects to a commercial tilt up, we can help your project run smoothly.    We also have a great deal of experience with strata plan amendments and subdivision.

Air Space Title


We have experience with projects involving air space titles and strata inside airspace parcels.

New Home Construction


We service builders that build a few homes a year and we service builders of a hundred homes a year, providing prompt, timely service to both.  Having provided this type of service for over 9000 single family homes you can count on our experience to ensure a job well done.    Call us for an estimate today. 

Topographic and Tree Surveys


We take pride in producing topographic maps of great detail and clarity, which allows for better land use planning by our fellow professionals such as engineers, architects and arborists.



GPS Surveys


Having been early adopters of this technology, we have the experience and knowledge to put this technology to work for you on your next project.



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